NC GOP | Faces of Team NCBoots: Will Knecht
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Faces of Team NCBoots: Will Knecht

Faces of Team NCBoots: Will Knecht

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Every night as many of us watched the Republican National Convention on TV, one thing became crystal clear: Donald Trump has amazing kids and as a dad, he is immensely proud of them.  Even liberals had to agree that the younger Trumps were off the charts impressive.

Well, I’m a dad too, and as I watched the convention each night, I was immensely proud as well.  Our three awesome kids didn’t speak at the convention, but our middle son, Cameron (who is 17), was at the Convention each night on his own, as a guest of the NC GOP.  And during the day, he had even networked himself to serve as an intern working for a company which, working side by side with the RNC, handled many of the logistics of the convention.

Cameron’s last year has been an amazing one.  It started a year ago in September 2015 as Cameron started his duties as a US Senate Republican Page, having been appointed earlier that summer by Senator Richard Burr.  Cameron spent five months on Capitol Hill working on the floor of the US Senate and interacting daily with Senators.

When his term as a page ended in January 2016, Cameron came home to us in Wilmington, NC and had two goals in mind:  he wanted to work as a paid staffer for the GOP and he wanted to attend the Convention in Cleveland.  Through hard work, determination, perseverance, and a never say never attitude, Cameron achieved both of his goals and is now proudly serving as a field coordinator for team NCBoots here in our hometown of Wilmington and spent a week in Cleveland soaking in all of the pageantry that only a political convention can provide.

And here’s the irony of all ironies – my 17-year-old son is also my “boss”.  I have the distinct honor and pleasure of working side-by-side with and for him as a volunteer for team NCBoots.  He and I go out together and door knock a few times a week…during my lunch time, early evenings, and on the weekends.

Can you imagine my joy as a dad to watch my son serve our nation and the Republican Party as a “ground game” leader here in our hometown and to have the privilege of being a GOP volunteer and working with him each week as he grows as a young man, leader and patriot?

Donald Trump and I don’t have too many things in common but we do have this: we are rightly proud of our amazing children, because they are exceptional – just like the USA.