NC GOP | Faces of Team NCBoots: John Estle
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Faces of Team NCBoots: John Estle

Faces of Team NCBoots: John Estle

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NCBoots.JohnI grew up with conservative values very present in my life. My mother and father tried to exhibit their conservative values for me but also encouraged me to develop my own outlook on the World. My parents came from different backgrounds and understood the importance of me cultivating my own views. My father came from a poor family of six children from Michigan and my mother came from a military family. My father’s family was dependent of government funding his whole life. My mother watched her father serve his country. These differing upbringings shaped my parents’ beliefs and ultimately my own.

Learning about my parents’ childhood and how the government affected both of them, made me want to learn more about our government and political system. I have taken American government classes since high school and have always tried  to immerse myself in current events and the history that formed our nation. Through my education, coupled with my values,  I have come to understand that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be detrimental.  Families like my father’s would continue to struggle and families like my mother’s would constantly question the interests of their Commander-in-Chief. I knew with so much at stake this election, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines.

Team NCBoots has helped me make a difference in my community. I am the president of College Republicans at Methodist University and team NCBoots has helped throttle my members and myself to the front lines of this election. Joining team NCBoots has given us the opportunity to try to facilitate change and build relationships with our neighbors. There’s nothing greater than getting to know someone new in the community and encouraging them to get involved too. This election is so important and I’m glad I’m doing everything I can to elect our Republican candidates. I know I can help make a difference, which is exactly why I always tell others to follow their values and do the same.