NC GOP | Faces of Team NCBoots: Sara Blackburn
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Faces of Team NCBoots: Sara Blackburn

Faces of Team NCBoots: Sara Blackburn

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NCBoots.SaraI was raised in a conservative family and registered as a Republican the day I turned 18. The first election I was able to vote in was for Reagan in 1980. I am committed to the Republican Party because I agree with its values regarding the sanctity of life, individual responsibility, limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense.

I have been an active Republican volunteer my entire adult life, most of it in North Carolina. I have volunteered for candidates, served as a precinct chair, am an active member of the Republican Women’s club, and serve on the Forsyth GOP Central Committee as the voter registration chair.

I met Ross, our local NCGOP Field Director, one year ago when he moved to Winston-Salem, where he enlisted me to work on his team. Ross then trained me to use the Party’s new technology and on the ins and outs of our field program. I had done door to door campaigning many times over the years, but had always done it with paper forms – a process very different from entering information instantaneously on a phone app. It’s clear the Republican Party is making a greater investment in their volunteers and technology this cycle – something I really appreciate.

One of my favorite experiences thus far has been working with Ross to conduct voter registration drives at my church. I am passionate about getting people in my community to vote their values and I love that the Republican Party has empowered me to engage my local community and my church. I enjoy working with other conservatives who share the same values and goals for our country. This has already been an exciting year and I look forward to continue working in my community to elect all of our Republican candidates on November 8th.