NC GOP | Central Committee
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Central Committee

Central Committee Voting Members


Mr. Robin Hayes

Vice Chairman

Mrs. Michele Nix


Dr. Ada Fisher


The Honorable David R. Lewis

NCGOP Secretary

Mrs. Kim Cotten-West

NCGOP Treasurer

Mr. David Cozart 

NCGOP General Counsel

Mr. Thomas Stark

NCGOP Finance Chairman

Penn Broyhill

NC House Speaker

The Honorable Tim Moore

Senate Leader

The Honorable Phil E. Berger, Sr.

Joint Leader

The Honorable Pat Hurley 

RNHA – NC Chairman

Ms. Marlyn Burns

NC DCCA Chairman

Ms. Lee Green

NCFRW Chairman

Ms. Zan Bunn 

NCFRM President

(Information Currently Unavailable)

NCFYR Chairman

Mr. Matthew Hebb


Mr. Zachary Almond 

NC TARS Advisor

The Honorable Justin Burr 

Central Committee Non-Voting Members

Immediate Past Chairman

Mr. Claude E. Pope, Jr.

Past Chairman

Mr. Ferrell Blount

Past Chairman

Mr. Bill Cobey, Jr.

Past Chairman

Mrs. Linda Daves

Past Chairman

Mr. David T. Flaherty, Sr.

Past Chairman

The Honorable James C. Gardner

Past Chairman

Mr. James Hastings

Past Chairman

Mrs. Jane B. Rouse

RNHA NC Vice Chairman

Mr. Carlos Vidales

NC DCCA Vice Chairman

Mr. Bob Pruett

NCFRW Vice Chairman

Ms. Cornelia Groce

NCFCR Vice Chair

Mr.Hayden Duncan

NC TARS Chairman

Mr.Luke Stancil

NCFYR Vice Chairman

Mr. Clark Riemer

NCFRM Vice President

(Information Currently Unavailable)

Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Zak Crotts

 Assistant Secretary

Mr. Scott Cumbie